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If you’ve ended up on this site, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re a fan of what’s now called, “punish porn” and don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent a number of years trying to find the best punishment porn site to join. There’s quite a few out there but nothing quite like the one I’m about to reveal to you today. Having been duped into joining some of the most horrific BDSM sites on the Internet, I know what is truly worth joining. Let me just get right into it here…


Having joined a significant number of sites such as PunishTube and PunishTeens, I now know what real high-quality hardcore punish porn is all about.

Like I said, I joined some awful sites as well. Some of which were not worth a penny. The sites that I’m revealing to you on Punish Porn are none other than the top ranked of all time. I’m going to save you the pain, time, and money. You only really need to join one website to get the full hardcore punishment satisfaction that you’re looking for. No, it’s not Reality Kings or Brazzers. Those sites aren’t hardcore enough for me to recommend. Plus, I prefer teens versus milfs. If you’re looking to join a great punish porn site then you should try Punish Teens.

punishteens discount

My Official PunishTeens Review Published @ Punish Porn

I’ve known about this site for quite some time. In fact, I’ve probably jerked off to it more times than I can count. It’s the ultimate premium punish tube site that I’ve ever come across. I’ve got a whole lot to say about this site so without further delay I’ll get right into the nitty-gritty.

The Girls
With all the girls that you’ll find on PunishTeens, there’s a damn good chance you’ll find one or two that you’ll fall in love with. Either that or you will want to fuck the living heck out of them. I have a few models that I really like on this site. I really like Marsha May in Learning To Obey. Here’s some background info on this girl and the scene she shot.

The Videos
If you like watching abused teen porn in the best HD quality that money can buy, then I’ll bet you my own membership that you’ll love these videos. The Punish Teens videos are broken down into short scenes with clips that you can enjoy. If you rather just stream the full hi-def movies, you can do that as well.

Having tested watching the videos in various formats, I can say that all of the download and streaming options are just as good as the next one. I spent the majority of my time streaming the MP4 videos. I even consumed about 7 hours worth of video from my iPhone on my data plan with no buffering issues what so ever.

The Navigation
So, check it out, here’s a snapshot of the navigation within the members area. You’ll get the full effect of it by checking out the structure below. Here’s what you’ll find:
punishteens members area

The Content and Update Schedule
So, this is the most important part of my review. After all, I joined because I wanted to view all the best punish tube porn. The content that you’ll get access to when joining is far better than any other abused porn sites I’ve joined. Another popular site, punishtube.com doesn’t even come close to touching the quality and exclusivity of Punish Teens.

The site gets updated almost daily and at least 1-2 times per week. Often times, the owners through a bonus update into the mix. I need a lot of updates because I have tons of time on my hands. I’ve viewed almost very update at least for a few minutes. They’re all fantastic with great writing and plots. For example, I mentioned Marsha May in Learning To Obey already, but there are plenty more great scenes. Gina Valentina in The Domination Barn and Maddy Rose in Her Masters Slut are all awesome scenes.

The Price
When I became a member of this site. The pricing structure was actually a lot higher than it is. I think I joined for $39.99 a month. The price is far less than that now. In fact, you can join for $1.00 for a trial period. I skipped the trial and went straight for the full month membership. Here’s the good news for you though. I’ve actually got a monthly discount for you @ less than $8.00 per month. This discount is available. Just start by clicking here and the discount will automatically be applied.

Becoming a member
Now that you know how much it costs to join the hottest punish porn tube site on the Internet, I’ll give you the entire step by step rundown of how easy it is to join.

The first step is to visit Punishteens.com and clicking through to this link. It will take you to a page that looks like this…

This is the main tour of the site and it’ll give you a clear indication of the type of content you’re about to gain access too. What else is really cool is that you can check out a ton of scenes before joining. I mean, you can’t actually watch any of them but you’ll get a great idea of the type of content you’ll have access too.

The next step is to sign up. Here’s the form that you need to complete to gain full access to the site. Once you’re done filling the form out, you’ll be redirected to another page where you’ll need to enter your payment information. Once you complete this step you’re going to then gain full access to the entire Punish Teens video library where you can watch every update possible. Some of the updates you’ll gain access to will feature girls like…

punish porn join form

Bonus Content: Videosz when you sign up for Punish Teens, you’ll have the option to gain access to an additional awesome content library called Videosz.com. You have the option to purchase a 2-day membership for only $1.00. It’s a pretty awesome deal if you’re looking for a huge amount of content. You can join both of these sites separately but I’d really suggest joining both at the same time if you’re interested. It’s not 100% necessary but it does mean more bang for your buck!